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If you are new to the internet, or just don't pay attention, please make yourself aware of Nigerian E-Mail Scams, eBay and PayPal Scams, Online Car Buying Scams, Phishing, Hoaxes, Hackers, Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Corporate Spyware.

Never, ever click any link provided in an      e-mail message and never, ever give out private information over the internet!



Other Software Resources

QUESTION: Where can I get free upgrades and the latest software patches for my Microsoft operating system and other Microsoft software (like MS Office)?
ANSWER:  The most important thing you can do for your PC is to check the Microsoft website for updates for your operating system as well as any other Microsoft products that you may be using.
QUESTION: Where can I find a good, inexpensive firewall to protect my personal computer from hackers and spyware?
ANSWER:  We like ZoneAlarm as it is updated regularly, works very well and is easy to install and maintain. Best of all, you can download ZoneAlarm Personal Addition for free from their website!
QUESTION: How do I find out if I have accidentally downloaded or installed software that is providing my personal information to strangers over the internet?
ANSWER:  A very good adware/spyware detection program is ad-ware by Lavasoft. This program safely detects and removes unauthorized programs that may be sending your personal information and surfing habits back to advertisers.
QUESTION: I don't have anti-virus software, or my anti-virus has expired or is no longer working. Can you suggest a good anti-virus software for me?
ANSWER: If you do not want to buy an anti-virus product, we have had good luck with AVG by Grisoft and AVAST by Alwil Software. These both seem to be good anti-virus programs with prompt updates and an easy to use interface. Currently, both of these companies offer a basic version that is free for home users!
QUESTION:  I don't have $200 to spend on word-processing software.  Are there any alternatives to using Microsoft Office products, like Word?
ANSWER:  One of the first free office packages to come out was from the Open Office project. Since then, Sun Microsystems has come out with Star Office, based on Open Office and, more recently, IBM has jumped back in the picture with Lotus Symphony. All three are free!

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